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Koru Sleep

Koru Nutrition
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Koru Sleep is formulated with herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Each of the natural ingredients have proven mind and body relaxation properties and have been optimally pared to support healthy sleep patterns.

Naturally help regulate your circadian sleep cycle, moving you through the four stages of sleep between four and five times per night, while making sure you spend enough time in Stage 3 (NREM) where you experience the most restorative deep sleep.
Boost your homeostatic drive to sleep so you feel ready to sleep at bedtime, instead of wide awake!

Reduce sleep latency i.e. the time it takes you to fall asleep.

Increase 'alpha waves' for increased relaxation during the first stage of sleep (N1) when you're just beginning to drift off.

Naturally lower your stress hormone levels (i.e. cortisol) reducing feelings of stress, racing thoughts and anxiety. Quieting your mind, so you relax into sleep!

Inhibit the drive for wakefulness from your circadian pacemaker so you don't wake up too early.

Noticeably increase the quantity of restorative sleep you get each night so you wake up feeling energized, refreshed and alert.


Passionflower Ext. (30.07%)
Magnesium Asparate Complex (22.56%)
Valerian Root Ext 10:1 (22.56%)
L-Theanine (15.03%)
5-HTP (7.52%)
Zinc (2.11%)
Vitamin B6 (0.15%)


Those on antidepressants are not recommended to take it due it containing 5-HTP (However it is perfect for those wanting to come off antidepressants).


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