About Us

We are Nectavida. We believe in the transformative power of nature. Each of our specially sourced and sustainably conscious products elevates and supports optimal health and wellness while still preserving and protecting the Earth we live on.

Founders Solangel Arce and Wayne Donnelly share an obsessive passion for nature, wellness, and people. It all started when a mutual friend, Iliana, shared a pricey yet highly beneficial jar of Manuka Honey with Solangel. It was darker, creamier and a whole lot more delicious and rich than any honey she had tasted. It was magnificent. She immediately wanted to know where it came from and how she could get more for her family and friends.

Wayne Donnelly answered all of Solangel’s questions and blew her away with the story of New Zealand’s rich history. He shared countless natural products, plant remedy recipes and also expressed a strong sense of guardianship for the environment. New Zealand maintains robust controls over land development, fishing, water quality, and conservation. They also have strict Bio-Security restrictions on what comes into the country.

They both agreed they must share this goodness with the rest of the world.

New Zealand is known for its stunning mountain-scapes, magical lakes and rivers, thermal wonderlands, volcanos, glorious coastlines, native rainforests, endless organic farmlands and now...Nectavida!