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Pacific Harvest

Manuka Smoked Atlantic Dulse Flakes

Manuka Smoked Atlantic Dulse Flakes

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Manuka Smoked Atlantic Dulse Flakes are the latest thing we've been smoking!  

Atlantic Dulse is a densely nutritious red seaweed that's used for its incredible nutrients and adds a wonderful, naturally smoky flavor and a deep crimson color to meals.

The subtle sweetness of the Mānuka wood smoke softens and intensifies the naturally smoky flavor of dulse. This creates a natural, gluten and dairy free seasoning which will bring a burst of smoky umami flavor to your plate.

Try Manuka Smoked Atlantic Dulse flakes in your pasta, on fish, seasoned meat or any vegetarian dish. You can even add it to your soup or stew recipes. 

Pacific Harvest dulse flakes are organically wild harvested, then dried naturally to preserve it’s dense nutritional value. All of the seaweed is tested for contaminants before packing it in a New Zealand facility. You may notice a white powder on your Dulse – this is the result of the amino acid glutamine that gives Dulse its umami flavour.

Ingredients:  Dulse (Palmaria palmata) seaweed 100%.

50 servings per pack

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